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What does it mean to be a good standing Catholic?
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As a Catholic Christian Parish, we at St. Joseph are all embarked on a great journey — the journey of Life and Faith. It is a great comfort to know that others are on the same road as we are. When we register with a parish we are saying that it is our wish to travel down this road of Life and Faith with that particular community of people by our becoming active its mission and vision and supporting it. In fact, the word parish comes from the Greek word “paroikia” meaning “a pilgrim people,” a people on a journey of faith; a journey that we hope one day will lead to the fullness of life in God’s Kingdom forever.

Living in a culture that no longer supports a religious way of life, much less a Catholic Christian way of life, the local parish plays an integral role in helping to guide and support us on our journey. The parish does this through it’s educational and formational programs, prayer groups, spiritual development and celebrations of the Word and Sacraments. By these means, the parish empowers, nourishes and empowers, nourishes and enables us to grow in wisdom, healing and grace before God and our world.

The parish cannot exist and grow as a separate entity without the active ongoing relationship among those who compose it. When registering with a parish a person, a person is entering into a live faith community and like any other relationships, if it s to be viable and healthy and participatory there must be mutual commitment with it’s members.

Today, we live in a very mobile society. More than any other period in history we live in a time of shopping and surfing, the malls, the internet, multi-channel TV, etc. The church is not immune from this reality. Continually we meet people shopping for churches and parishes, people who for a variety of reasons never think of establishing a home parish until they plan to get married or have a child baptized, retired, etc.

The Church, for it’s part, requires pastors to have a founded hope and trust that those seeking the sacraments are practicing Catholics in good standing and open to growth. The same is true when parents present their children for the sacraments. Pastors are to have a founded hope that the children will be raised in the Catholic faith. We, therefore, invite you to become an active member of the church and establish a nourishing home parish.

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