Renew My Church

We have been activated for Renew My Church with our neighboring Parishes – St. Gerald, St. Fabian, and St. Louis de Montfort.

Below you will find links to keep parishioners and all of those in our community informed on what RMC is, why all the parishes in the Archdiocese are going through this, and what the outcome will be.

All our communications will be in English, Polish, & Spanish for your convenience.

Our first meeting with parishioners and our community was

Monday October 19, 2020 at 7:00 pm in Rogers Hall. 

**For your safety and those around you please bring a mask and social distance. Chairs will be disinfected and placed 6 feet apart with hand sanitizer stations available throughout the hall. **




Proposed scenarios for our grouping.

Our meeting in Roger’s Hall has now been changed to a zoom meeting!
Please click the link below November 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm to discuss the scenarios!
Zoom Meeting

Scenario- English

Scenario- Polish

Considering the scenarios presented to you, please prayerfully consider your
responses to the questions below: ( responses may be emailed to )

1. Which scenario best addresses the particular needs of this grouping? Why? (e.g., makes geographic
sense, address demographic and cultural needs or considers the socioeconomic factors of the area)

2. Which scenario least addresses the particular needs of this grouping? Why? (e.g., difficulty traveling
between sites or neglects the financial needs of the community)

3. What do you consider the biggest potential challenge facing the implementation of these scenarios?
(e.g., unrealistic demands on clergy or differences in the parish communities)

On Friday , Jan 22 at 8 pm, Bishop Wypych will lead an announcement for all parishioners in our grouping. Parishioners of all the parishes in our grouping are invited to attend the online announcement.
If you would like to attend the online announcement event, you will need to register for the event to receive the online link to attend the meeting via Teams Live Event
Our grouping is the 10th listed on the page.

The Holy Eucharist
Anointing of the Sick